15 Adorable Animal Couples That Will Warm Your Soul

When it comes to the concept of love, most of us believe that we humans are the only ones who can feel it and express it properly. But, the truth of the matter is that there are many animals in the animal kingdom who can feel and express love.

They do it in their own way but more often than not it resembles how we humans express love. They can hug, hold hands and even kiss each other in the form of licking. These are some really adorable animal kingdom couples that have stolen our hearts.

1Bunny love

Rabbits are some of the cutest furry little creatures in the animal kingdom so it is hard not to awe at this incredibly cute image. Animals cannot talk to express how they feel so they have to be physical and leave it up to actions. This is an incredibly cute image and one that warms our hearts.

Image Source: noiyeuthuong.vn

2Big love

Can you imagine if elephants could talk then how hard it would be for them to be in a relationship? They remember everything and never forget. Humans have a hard time not getting into arguments about things that happened months or even years ago. They do make an adorable couple and will probably stay together forever.

Image Source: wikimedia.org

3If only we could love as doves

Doves and pigeons are a sign of peace and love. For decades they have been used as a symbol of unity and love. Who would make a better animal or bird couple than doves? They are adorable and stay together for a long time being content with who they have as well as what they have.

Image Source: www.zebrabutter.net

4Kitty love

Kittens are adorable and cute. Even though there are a million memes about how cats make the worst pets when they grow up everyone can agree on one thing and that is the fact that kittens are cute and what is cuter than a kitten? A pair of kittens in love.

Image Source: cloudfront.net

5Snails kissing

This is an incredible image and we’re not sure how this image was taken. Many people often think that snails are gross and yucky but this image shows that even they know what love is and the two of them sitting atop of cherries makes it even cuter. The way they are reaching out and kissing is incredible.

Image Source: ytimg.com

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