15 Adorable Animal Couples That Will Warm Your Soul

11When one is overly enthusiastic

Have you ever leaned in for a kiss hoping for it to be something sweet and simple only to have the other person kiss you back a bit too over-enthusiastically? This is what is happening here. This is an adorable picture but one little pup is a bit too enthusiastic about kissing the other.

Image Source: citypatras.gr

12Lions have felt the love

This should’ve been in the new live-action ‘Lion King’ movie. These two lions look more in love than the CGI one we got. They look like they feel the love in the air and are quite happy with being in the moment. This is an incredible sight and we’re happy that someone was able to take it for us.

Image Source: blazepress.com

13Pigeons in Paris

Who said only humans got to express their love in front of the Eiffel Tower? This is an incredible photo taken of two pigeons kissing in front of the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris. This is such a stunning picture and the black and white filter just adds more depth to an already deep and heart touching image.

Image Source: 500px.org

14Tigers in love

We have often believed that big cats like lions and tigers may not be able to express love as they are on top of the food chain in their domain and have to constantly remain the apex predator but when they find time out they show their affection to their kin and family.

Image Source: 404store.com

15Panda’s Love

There is nothing more loveable than a panda and a panda couple is by far the cutest couple you will find in the animal kingdom. They do nothing but lie around or on each other and eat bamboos. This is the cutest thing you will see in the animal kingdom.

Image Source: www.rabstol.net

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