According to research here are 13 of the most Intelligent Animals on Earth

According to research here are 13 of the most Intelligent Animals on Earth


It would be wrong to think that animals do not possess intelligence. Some animals will surprise you with their mental prowess like dogs and chimpanzees. In fact there are various animals who possess instinctive powers that would put humans to shame. What animals lack on the level of human intelligence is substituted by the fantastic power of their senses? Here are 12 of the most intelligent animals on the planet.

1 Squids

It would surprise anyone to know that squids are considered the most intelligent invertebrates among marine animals. Their complex structures have similarities to human’s brains and they are extremely curious in all aspects of their environment. Squids are fast learners in matters of protection and survival skills.


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2 Spiders

The fact that these creepy crawlies can build intricate structures like webs proves how fine tuned their instincts are to matters of symmetry. Spiders are the smallest creatures to possess a high level of intelligence where the brainiest of the lot are the white mustached Portia found in Africa, Asia and Australia.


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3 Baboons

Baboon’s cognitive powers aren’t to be trifled with. Similar to Chimpanzees, these ugly faced monkeys do resemble humans in some ways. They are adept in developing social skills and making critical decisions in stressful environments.


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4 Orangutans

Orangutans can be extremely intelligent animals and can be trained even to act as you may have seen in movies. Orangutans can even learn skills like physical activities of using a hammer or assembling things together. Orangutans are extremely adept in adapting to harsh surroundings.


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5 Pigeons

Pigeons have excellent GPS skills and regardless where you leave a homing pigeon it will always return to base. A classic example is the celebrated war pigeon Cher Ami who during world war I braved German bullets and flew 25 miles to its allied base informing the Americans of a regiment of 200 soldiers who were trapped behind German lines.

pigeon Cher Am

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6 Sheep

Research has proved that sheep have brilliant memories and in certain cases even better than humans. They possess abilities to identify lost sheep and know when a member is missing from the flock. Sheep also display a variety of emotions.


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7 Cats

Anyone who has a feline friend knows how clever and wily cats can be. They are skilled hunters like their huge jungle counterparts and have sensory skills as well as the ability to see in the dark. Abyssinian cats are said to be the smartest in the world.


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8 Squirrels

Who would have thought that squirrels possess brains but you’ll be surprised. Squirrels focus their brains on collecting food; they have extremely string memories and will ember each and every food item they have stored along their quest of collecting food.


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9 Elephants

The saying ‘An elephant never forgets’ isn’t just a quote. It’s true. Elephants are extremely smart and considerate creatures. The concern and care they display for their families is remarkable. Elephants can process social interaction and display empathy.


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10 Dogs

Finally we come to ‘man’s best friend’. Dogs by far are the most intelligence creatures on the planet. They have excellent sensory perceptiveness and learn to adapt to their human keepers by virtue of sensory skills alone. Labradors and Alsatians are extremely loving and highly intelligent creatures displaying a high level of emotional and social skills too. Little dogs display a high sense of curiosity and can be manipulative in their interaction with humans.

German shepherd Dogs

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11 Whales

Whales are known for using complicated sounds to communicate with each other. Their sense of group coordination is exemplary and they are known to have exceptional problem solving skills. Whales like Killer wheels can also be trained as most people will observe in marine parks around the world.


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12 Dolphins

Over the years there has been extensive research on Dolphins who display some of the highest levels of social skills similar to humans. Their manner of communication still baffles scientists where dolphins also recognize themselves in a mirror. Bottle nose dolphins have the largest brains in the animal kingdom.


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13 Chimpanzees

Chimpanzees look like humans and act like humans too. These animals’ are perhaps the closest to humans including their levels of intelligence. They try to mimic humans and can display several skills. Chimpanzees are considered to be among the most intelligent animals on the planet


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