Your cute Pets can be a source of these Dangerous Diseases


Diseases and infections pets can pass onto humans and their common symptoms

The lovely pets and the danger they carry

Your pet may be cute, loyal, cuddly and adorable, and you probably love them, but you should be aware of something else too. They can also be a source of many dangerous diseases you must be aware of so you can take proper precautions.


1. Bubonic Plague

The primary source of spreading this disease is rodents, but cats can also catch it since they are always after them. Once a cat is infected, the disease can be passed on to humans through fleas and body fluids. Bubonic Disease’s symptoms can vary from headaches to diarrhea and if someone having a cat experiences these symptoms, they should immediately seek medical attention.

2. Giardia

Giardia affects intestines and bowels and other than contaminated water, it also infects humans through pets. Its symptoms include diarrhoea, stomach pain and vomiting and all of them together and individually lead to dehydration.

3. Rabies

Rabies is a well-known and life-threatening viral disease affecting brains of humans and animals alike. It’s transmitted if an infected animal bites another animal or human. It can also lead to death or fatality if immediate medical attention is not given to the victim. Altered mental state, dizziness, and seizures are its most common symptoms.

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4. Salmonellosis

The disease is passed to humans not only because of eating contaminated foods but also from animals. Salmonellosis is a bacterial infection and can result in stomach pain, fever and diarrhoea. Although sometimes it goes away as it comes, but it can also lead to dehydration if left unattended and damage vital body organs.

5. Psittacosis

It’s a bacterial disease caused by chlamydia and is commonly passed through birds, but cats can also transfer it. It makes its way through feces and its common symptoms include shivering, diarrhoea, eye discharge and weakness. Psittacosis can also become serious if left unattended.

6. Toxoplasmosis

Animal feces are the primary cause of this disease and can also pass through infected food. Many people don’t experience any recognizable symptoms, but some do get flu-like symptoms and swollen glands. Pregnant women should be especially cautious of Toxoplasmosis as they are very susceptible to it.


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7. Q Fever

The disease is caused by dangerous bacteria known as Coxiella Burnetti and is found globally. It can pass itself on to humans through the air, unpasteurized milk products, and tick bites. Sheep, goats, cats and dogs can also contain these bacteria and can pass on to humans. The medical professionals usually advise antibiotics after the infection has been detected.

8. Roundworms

Your cute little cat can carry this disease to you if they are infected with them. These worms live within the body and feed on its vitamins and other vital nutrients. It is strongly advised to take good care when handling animal feces to reduce the possibility of its transmission.

9. Cat-Scratch Disease

It’s also known as cat-scratch fever and causes fever, swollen lymph nodes and appetite loss. Scratches or bites from cats (and kittens) are its modes of transmission and in some cases the symptoms may last for months.


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10. Hookworms

These parasites are present in dogs, cats and kittens as well and can easily pass on to humans if they come in contact with the infected feces. The infection produces some very unpleasant effects as the hookworms move through the human skin and also travel through the body.

11. Leptospirosis

This bacterial disease is transmitted through blood and urine of infected animals particularly birds. Flu and roundworms-like symptoms are experienced and the disease can easily be treated at an early stage. It can also be prevented if animals or pets have been vaccinated.

12. Tapeworms

Tapeworms can also be transmitted through pets and their feces and consume body nutrients by living off the intestine walls. They can grow when someone gets infected with them and are known to cause anemia, severe illness, and nutrients deficiency.


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13. Ringworms

These parasites are round in shape, live directly under the skin and are transmitted from infected animals. On the brighter side, they are easy to treat and creams are readily available to the cure of them.

14. Lyme Disease

It’s commonly believed that ticks are the only source of transmitting Lyme disease, but that’s not always true. It can also be transmitted through animal bites that have been infected by ticks. Its symptoms include bull’s eye shaped rash, flu-like signs, and fever. Infected people should seek medical attention as soon as they suspect they are infected as the disease can eventually turn quite troublesome.

15. Campylobacter

This disease can lead to life-threatening conditions and initially causes abdominal pain, cramping, and fever. Campylobacter is transmitted through animal’s feces, body fluids, and blood.


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