Your cute Pets can be a source of these Dangerous Diseases

Diseases and infections pets can pass onto humans and their common symptoms

The lovely pets and the danger they carry

Your pet may be cute, loyal, cuddly and adorable, and you probably love them, but you should be aware of something else too. They can also be a source of many dangerous diseases you must be aware of so you can take proper precautions.


1. Bubonic Plague

The primary source of spreading this disease is rodents, but cats can also catch it since they are always after them. Once a cat is infected, the disease can be passed on to humans through fleas and body fluids. Bubonic Disease’s symptoms can vary from headaches to diarrhea and if someone having a cat experiences these symptoms, they should immediately seek medical attention.

2. Giardia

Giardia affects intestines and bowels and other than contaminated water, it also infects humans through pets. Its symptoms include diarrhoea, stomach pain and vomiting and all of them together and individually lead to dehydration.

3. Rabies

Rabies is a well-known and life-threatening viral disease affecting brains of humans and animals alike. It’s transmitted if an infected animal bites another animal or human. It can also lead to death or fatality if immediate medical attention is not given to the victim. Altered mental state, dizziness, and seizures are its most common symptoms.

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