10 Epic photo-ops with statues
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10 Epic photo-ops with statues


Statues and sculptures are important structures for humanity. They are the reminders of some very significant historic events and lets us celebrate those events in order to remember those important things.

Statues are awesomely artistic, gorgeous and they bring a sense of beauty to the place and it also becomes a noteworthy milestone in the city, town or village. But sometimes art can also be a bit weird. Also people have a habit of posing with such statues that make a great photo. Here are such 10 such people who saw a great opportunity to have fun with such statues.

1 The dancing pose

Yeah get down and boogey. That’s what these 2 girls did when they came across this statue of roman dudes striking awesome pose. The trick is in getting the timing correct when you need it.

The dancing pose

Image Source: www.diply.com

2 That’s naughty

Well love can be anywhere and sometimes it can be even jealous sometimes. So this lady found a great photo op to kiss a statue of a police officer while stopping a girl’s statue that is supposed to be running towards the officer. The pose proves that this photo is great example of perfect timing.

That’s naughty

Image Source: www.diply.com

3 Where are you going? You nonsense Spiderman

Even superheroes can get in trouble some times and this Spiderman supposedly has some great sense of humor with him. He doesn’t let go of a great photo opportunity when he came across this statue of a person.

Nice scene placement makes like the statue is holding the spidey from his neck in order to intimidate him.

Where are you going? You nonsense Spiderman

Image Source: www.ostijaimeca.com

4 Ringa ringa roses

Most of us have heard the nursery rhyme Ringa Ringa roses. We all used to make a circle by holding our hands and singing the rhyme.

This guy in the pic has a light bulb moment to add himself to the whole chain and make it look like he is dragged around with the little girl.

Ringa ringa roses

Image Source: www.lodoshaber.com

5 The thief

This statue here is of a man hugging his wife in what seems to be a goodbye or a welcome. Also there is a bag kept near him and this heartless person decides to steal it.

You cannot get more insensitive than trying to steal from a couple that is enjoying a moment of true love with each other.

The thief

Image Source: www.ochepyatki.ru

6 Hi-Five

A man should not miss a chance to give and receive a hi-five from anything and statues are part of that bro code. So this guy is extremely correct in giving a high five to that gracious lady of the statue.


Image Source: www.albeu.com

7 The beating

A statue that salutes all the railroad workers is a prime target of this young man with mischief in his brain for a photo op. The image looks like the man is being beaten by those figurines using the hammers.

The beating

Image Source: www.espacebuzz.com

8 The home run

What’s better than seeing a home run in a ball game, this image of a guy pretending to get hit by the bat! The whole image is a finely tuned congruence of timing, opportunity and a dude with a camera to capture the moment for eternity.

The home run

Image Source: www.watson.ch

9 The independence selfie

Well you know that there were many people present at the time of the signing of the declaration of the independence in 1776. Here is one of them taking a selfie to immortalise the moment for history’s glory.

The independence selfie

Image Source: www.lodoshaber.com

10 Mine mine mine

It’s not nice to play tug of war using a small girl, but this statue and this man seems to go at it like pros. Too bad even the girl is a statue and the dude is playing for nothing.

Mine mine mine

Image Source: www.diply.com

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