Stunning Before And After Shots That Show The Effort Put Into Hollywood’s VFX And Makeup

5Planet Of The Apes

Thanks to photo accurate modern CGI most people don’t even remember what the original 1968 ‘Planet Of The Apes’ movie looked like. All the apes were actors in costume and the work done on them was very impressive for the time. The movie was recognized as groundbreaking for its prosthetic makeup techniques by artist John Chambers.

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6Deadpool 2

In both, ‘Deadpool’ and its sequel actor Ryan Reynolds had to cover his head with a mold of prosthetic makeup. The character he plays suffers from cancer and is given a serum that gives him superpowers but disfigures his skin. To be as comic accurate as possible they had to go this route. There was no CGI involved and the physical prosthetic makeup looked incredible.

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In the MCU, actress Karen Gillan plays ‘Nebula’. Unlike her on-screen sister ‘Gamora’ played by Zoe Saldana, Karen had to have more makeup on. Where ‘Gamora’ is just a different alien race, ‘Nebula’ is a different race as well as robotic parts integrated. She had to wear a head full of prosthetic makeup to look as comic accurate as possible.

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8American Horror Story Series

In the hit FX TV show, ‘American Horror Story Series’, actress Naomi Grossman played the character of Pepper who had a condition known as microcephalic. In this condition, the person’s brain does not develop fully which results in a smaller than normal head. To make the beautiful actress look as authentic as possible, hours of prosthetic makeup was used.

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