Stunning surreal photo manipulations will make you put your thinking caps on
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Stunning surreal photo manipulations will make you put your thinking caps on


Creative people have a knack to be different, and they are never settled in their minds, because they constantly look for different ways to stun the world with their work. One such person is a Moroccan photographer and filmmaker, Achraf Baznani, who creates amazing photographs while carrying on the traditions of Surrealism. Although he has not received any formal training in photography, but his works are filled with imagination, impractical imagery and even wild scenarios about life in the digital age. He creates photos with small human figures-often posing himself as the model, and creates mind-boggling effects wherein sometimes he gets himself trapped in balloons or bulb. Achraf uses Photoshop CS4 to create these mind-blowing effects, he says he learnt all of this by himself by studying for hours through the online tutorials. He categorizes his art as “Conceptual Photography’, where he intends to give out a message with his photographs. Enough said, let us show you some of his masterpieces.

1 Slow Death

This one can be thought of, as approaching death slowly. Quite truly, if one person is kept entrapped into something, through which there seems to be no way out other than to be bursting with it, then it really feels like approaching towards death slowly.

Slow Death

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2 The Real Me

Well, truth of today’s world. People are actually going on about with their lives with a mask. That mask when removed, shows the real person inside, and sadly enough, people become clueless about their real selves because of the mask that they carry around.

The Real Me

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3 The trap

The idea is quite simplistically to show a rat trap, but take a closer look; does it not look like a case of a phone? Well, this is the truth of the digital age; we are actually trapped by the want and need to use mobiles.

The trap

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4 Money is power

Money is power; it gives power to rule the world. But, all that power may actually leave you alone because you become so busy to earn money, that in this race you forget to earn love and care from the people around you.

Money is power

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5 My Small World

That is what books are for avid readers. They have their own world, with many stories, many characters, numerous places and countless emotions. They are safe and secure in their ‘Small World’.

My Small World

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6 Confusion

Isn’t it ironical that we stay so close to our world around us and still remain confused? Maybe, it is the turbulence inside people which keeps them confused and they are not able to see clearly, things kept really close to them.


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7 Noisiness

Tring tring tring, oh these phones and their noises. Phones may have simplified the way people communicate with each other, but the constant ringing especially of people who are not directly connected to us, for example calls to give out loans or to talk about weight management, make us feel that the phones are nothing but tools which make unnecessary noises.


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8 Fear in the Forest

Forest is a place which usually invokes fear among people, especially if they are alone. But then, it is also the place where people’s fear is overpowered by the instinct to live. They will engage in a fight with their fear, and after having faced their fear, they will emerge as much stronger. As said by Osho (Internationally renowned India born spiritual teacher), “Life begins where fear ends”. Face your fears to start living.

Fear in the Forest

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9 Reading

A renowned English essayist and poet, Joseph Addison once said, “Reading is to mind, what exercise is to body”. Indeed it is true, as body needs exercising to stay fit, our minds need reading to stay healthy and nourished. This is seen in this photo, in which the model seems to be at peace in his world of books.


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10 Sailing

Do you remember making paper boats in your childhood, well those were some memorable days, which have the power to make us pretty nostalgic at times, and bring a childlike innocence on our faces, just like it is visible on the model’s face.


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