Artists Photoshops 24 Celebrities Side By Side With Their Younger Selves in Nostalgic Photographs

Time has no mercy or sympathy for anyone. However, it does have a soft spot for some who do not appear to have aged much despite the difference in years from the time they were young to present day. The best example of seeing how time treats people is in an entertaining project by Dutch graphic designer Ard Gelinck who photoshopped celebrities with their younger selves and the result is really heartwarming and nostalgic as we too have grown up with these celebrities too. Gelinck combines recent and throwback pictures and makes it look as if they are hanging out with their younger selves. This is thoroughly entertaining. So, take a nice trip down memory lane.

1 Keanu Reeves

We all know who Keanu Reeves is. As a young action hero, he was famous for movies like Speed, Point Break, Bram Stoker’s Dracula and the Matrix. In fact, Reeves is considered as Mr. Nice Guy too for his philanthropic ways.

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2Robin Williams

The world was saddened at the demise of Robin Williams when no one even realised what he may have been going through. We fondly remember Robin from his roles in Mork and Mindy, Patch Adams and then Mrs. Doubtfire.

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3Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo burst on to the Hollywood scene with movies like the Shakespeare adaption of Romeo and Juliet. We loved him in the Titanic and marvelled at his role in The Wolf of Wall Street but it wasn’t until the Revenant that he won an Oscar. Here is Leonardo with his younger sweet boyish self.

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4Tom Hanks

One of the best actors in Hollywood, we loved Tom Hanks when we saw him in roles during his younger days like “Big” and then the fantastic Forrest Gump. Hanks has gone in to give us many more great movies like Saving Private Ryan and Da Vinci Code.

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5Clint Eastwood

Take a look at Dirty Harry how he looks with his younger self. Ard Gelinck takes the before and after comparisons to a higher level where it gives you the feeling that the younger and older figures are individual people. He has cleverly blended the matching colors, lighting tones and the portraits with the stars set in a realistic environment making them interact as two look-a-likes.

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