16 Celebs Who Have Battled With Mental Health Issues For Years

5Jim Carrey

After the sudden passing of legendary comedic actor, Robin Williams people took mental health more seriously and looked to other comic actors for signs of depression. Jim Carrey is one of the most legendary comedy actors in Hollywood who confessed to being on Prozac for a long time to battle with depression. He said life had peaks as well as valleys and one needs to find a way to navigate them properly.

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6Jean-Claude Van Damme

JCVD is one of the last action heroes of his generation. As a martial artist, he took pride in his movies where martial arts were the main focus. In 2011 he revealed that he was diagnosis 13 years earlier with bipolar disorder. He also explained how this affected his school life and how he was always sad even though he was on medication.

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7Jonathan Van Ness

The grooming expert on the Netflix series ‘Queer Eye’ also has a web series parody called ‘Gay of Thrones’. He is also an author who revealed in his book that he was HIV positive. He also said that sometimes people can say no to socializing and it will not negatively impact their mental health. He also said that sometimes you have to be by yourself to understand and know yourself better.

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8Jon Hamm

The ‘Mad Men’ star opened up about his battle with depression back in 2010. The actor said that losing his father at the age of 20 was a very traumatic experience in his life and he struggled with chronic depression and was in a bad mental place. The only thing that kept him afloat was therapy and antidepressants. He also said that there was no shame in seeking help.

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