What The Most Desirable Women Of The 2000s Look Like Today

Does anybody remember early 2000? It was right after the whole Y2K pandemic that caused everyone to lose their minds. But once the new millennium started people started to enjoy themselves with what was about to come. The world was changing.

New music, movies, and technology were starting to show their faces. Around this time we saw a ton of beautiful new faces in Hollywood. Actresses and musicians that stole our hearts and became our crushes. But, where are they today? Here’s a look at how some of the most beautiful women of the early 2000s aged.

1Kelly Clarkson

Everyone remembers Kelly Clarkson as the most successful ‘American Idol’ winner. Unfortunately, after that, she struggled to find a footing in the music industry. Her albums were a hit or miss at times. Today, she is much more stable. She aged beautifully and is now a coach on the show ‘The Voice’ and even has her own talk show.

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2Courteney Cox

Everyone remembers and loves ‘Monica Geller’ but since the hit show ‘Friends’ came to an end, actress Courteney Cox has found it hard to stay relevant. She appeared on the sitcom ‘Cougar Town’ but it wasn’t that big of a hit and her horror movie franchise ‘Scream’ has seen better days. This work has taken a toll on the actress’s health and it shows on her face.

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3Lindsay Lohan

There is no denying that Lindsay Lohan has seen better days. The star of the now cult classic ‘Mean Girls’, is far from what she was going to be. She started out as a child star and became America’s sweetheart in the early 2000s but then a string of drug and alcohol-related problems and arrests started a downward spiral for the actress.

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4Carmen Electra

Everyone during the early 2000s remembers the beautiful Carmen Electra. She came into the spotlight thanks to her role as ‘Lani McKenzie’ in ‘Baywatch’. But, unfortunately, over the years, the naturally beautiful actress has switched over to a more plastic loving lifestyle. She hasn’t been seen in much of late but is still quite a big name in Hollywood.

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5Britney Spears

The worst time for Britney came from 2007-2010. She had a mental breakdown in public during 2007-08. She got help but the problems did not stop there. During 2008-2010 she fought a lengthy custody battle for her sons. At the start of 2019, she announced that she would go on an indefinite work hiatus, putting all activities and commitments on hold to spend time with her family.

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6Tara Reid

With hits like ‘American Pie 1 and 2’ and ‘The Big Lebowski’, Tara Reid seemed to be the next big Hollywood hit. She had a cute girl next door image and boldness that would’ve helped her go a long way. Unfortunately, she did not age well in looks and relevancy. She still acts in movies but her most famous role has to be in the ‘Sharknado’ franchise.

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7Mila Kunis

There are many actresses in Hollywood who look like they drank from the fountain of youth. Their faces have not changed one bit except for a few wrinkles. A before and after shot of the actress from ‘That ’70s Show’ will show you that very little has changed and that she is pretty much still the same.

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8Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon in ‘Big Little Lies’ was just as beautiful and remarkable as she was in ‘Legally Blonde’. The actress till today shows what a powerhouse of talent and beauty she is. With a ton of awards under her belt, the blonde natural beauty does not look like she has plans on stopping anytime soon.

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9Jessica Simpson

There was a time when Jessica Simpson was practically inescapable. Her album sold over four million copies worldwide before the rise of online music and her show ‘Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica’ made her a household name. She was the typical blonde skinny musician that you could not tell apart but today she’s gone for a curvier figure.

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10Charlize Theron

She is one of those few actresses in Hollywood who can do no wrong. She has aged like fine wine and even though she has had some weird phases in her life and career, she still looks remarkable for someone over 40. Blessed with great genes and incredible talent she continues to steal our hearts even today.

Image Source: mirror.co.uk

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