10 Famous Celebrities Who Are Strong Activists of Climate Change

Climate change is a huge issue today that isn’t being addressed by the powers that be in the way that they should. Drastic weather changes are proof that climate change and global warming are things to be concerned with. Just recently areas in the desert state of Rajasthan India received a weird but heavy hailstorm that covered the entire regions in a blanket of white. However that being said, it is fortunate that there are more activists fighting for climate change and contributing to the environment. Take for example people like 76-year-old Prabha Devi from a mountain village in the hilly state of Uttarakhand India who singlehandedly planted over 500 trees that resulted in a huge lush forest on land that was on the verge of becoming barren.

There are also celebrities whom many do not know are staunch environmental activist who are vigorously using their stardom to promote climate change. Here are ten of them.

1 Gisele Bundchen

Brazilian Gisele Bundchen needs no introduction as one of the biggest and highest-paid supermodels in the world. She is also the wife of famous football player Tom Brady who is also a legend. Gisele is actively involved in climate strikes and protests including speeches at the UN. Her realization came after visiting an Indian tribe in the Amazon rainforest where she was confronted with the problems of deforestation and environmental pollution. In recognition of her large scale efforts, Gisele was also awarded the Environmental Citizen Award by Harvard Medical School.

Image Source: wsj.net

2Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda 81 and daughter of iconic actor Henry Fonda is a staunch activist who takes part in several protests against global warming and in support of conservation. In fact this year during one such protest she was also arrested. In the fall, she spent four weeks in Washington naming her movement Fire Drill Fridays to bring urgent attention to important intersectional analysis around Climate Change. She had been inspired after the raging California Fires. Her campaign has even gathered momentum on social media.

Image Source: wjla.com

3Arnold Schwarzenegger

Strong man and former Universe also former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger fought actively for climate change against global warming even when in office. One of his highlights was signing the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006. The law was a demand for reducing greenhouse gases.

Image Source: therichestimages.com

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