10 Famous Celebrities Who Are Strong Activists of Climate Change

4Arnold continues the fight even after office

The goal of the bill was to decrease emissions to keep the level below 80% than the levels recorded in 1990. Even after leaving office, he continued the fight against global warming by starting an NGO R20 Regions of Climate Action to help state governments implement policies of climate change.

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5Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes has been highly active in the fight for climate change and frequently uses his social media pages and concerts for advocating the cause. He has turned his concert venues into green venues in partnership with REVERB and Flow Water for reduction of single-use plastics that are a threat to the environment. There are a number of eco villages surrounding the venues that give guests loads of information, free water, and even prizes to encourage them to make positive changes for the environment. Such activism would benefit the environment in a huge way if implemented on a global trend.

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Lizzo has openly advocated her position on climate change by openly speaking out in interviews. She is highly aware of the problem and understands the issues concerning the environment. She incorporates changes in her own lifestyle that benefits the environment and to help the cause. Like Mendez, Lisso also uses her concerts and social accounts like Instagram and Twitter to create awareness on environmental issues and advocate the cause of climate change.

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7Mark Ruffalo

We all know him best as the incredible Hulk in the Avengers franchise but Ruffalo besides being an actor aggressively campaigns in support of the environment. He has delivered several candid speeches on the subject of climate change and openly shares his opinions on social media and public forums. He openly calls upon the younger generation to take a stringer

stance in environmental protection. Ruffalo became an environmental activist after Pennsylvania residents educated him about fracking which he is totally against as well as the rampant use of fossil fuels in the country.

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