15 Famous And Seemingly Perfect Celebrities Who Have Physical Imperfections

6Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose is one of the most gorgeous celebrities and she has a huge social media following. Her face may look perfect but she actually suffers from acne. She admitted on her Instagram that she has to work with a dermatologist regularly. Her acne is caused by the bacteria on her phone and pillowcases.

Image Source: www.thebalancecareers.com

7Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks made a massive career as a model. She even has her own show. When she was writing her book, she experienced a lot of stress. She pushed her diet aside and this led to alopecia. Alopecia results in uncontrollable hair fall. She never stopped working and didn’t try to hide her hair fall. Eventually, one she was mentally restored, the condition receded.

Image Source: upsocl.com

8Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock is still one of the most popular and loved actresses in Hollywood. Her role in cute rom-com, as well as critically acclaimed movies, showed off her acting prowess. The gorgeous actress has a scar above her left eye. She has never hidden it but it’s not very visible. She got it when she was a child. She was at a lake and slipped and fell on a stone, cutting the eyelid.

Image Source: index.hr

9Jeremy Renner

Jeremy Renner has gained a lot of fame as Hawkeye in the MCU ‘Avengers’ movies. One weird thing about him is that he has quite large nail plates. Once you notice this, it’s hard to unsee it. This is something most people won’t even notice but once you do it’s hard to look away.

Image Source: sympa-sympa.com

10Gaspard Ulliel

You may think that he has a dimple on his left cheek but that is actually a scar. When he was a child of only 6 years old, he tried to sit on his Doberman. The dog was sleeping and woke up suddenly and bit Gaspard’s face. He definitely learned not to try and ride a sleeping dog that day.

Image Source: www.imdb.com

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