Meet The Hollywood Couple Have Been Happily Married For Over 60 Years And Still Continue To Love Each Other

6Previous relationships

Before Kirk met Anne he was married to Diana Dill from 1943 to 1951. Diana gave him two children Michael Douglas, who is now an acclaimed director and Joel Douglas who is an American film producer. Even Anne was married before meeting Kirk. She married during the Second World War. This was for safety reasons and to get out of Germany.

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7Escaping the Nazis

Anne Buydens was born Hannelore Marx in Hanover, Germany. During the Nazi rise, she had to flee Germany and used her multilingual skills to survive. She worked at film studios where she was doing translations for subtitles. This is how she met Kirk. They got married on May 29, 1954.

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8The second meet

The second time the couple met was a few weeks later. They meet at a charity gala at the circus. This is where Kirk showed Anne that he was not like other movie stars. He helped Anne scoop elephant feces while dressed in a tuxedo. This lets her know that he was not like other stars who only cared about their fancy suits.

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9Opening up about her past

Once they got past the first date they began spending time together. Anne soon opened up about her past and how she had to escape from Germany to avoid being captured by the Nazis and the trauma this caused her. She also opened up about the therapy she was undergoing for this. The long hours working together was a good idea as this brought the two closer to each other.

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10A complicated relationship

Even though things were going great between Anne and Kirk there was a small problem. Kirk was engaged and Anne was married. Kirk was engaged to on-screen partner, Pier Angeli, while Anne had married during the war for safety reasons. Kirk had told Anne that he was going to marry Pier even before they started dating.

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