Meet The Hollywood Couple Have Been Happily Married For Over 60 Years And Still Continue To Love Each Other

11A change of heart

Kirk was all set to marry Pier and even brought Anne to buy the wedding ring. But soon Anne broke the news to Kirk that she was leaving Paris. Knowing that this could be the last time he would see her he had a change of heart. He broke off his engagement to Pier and the two began dating. Since Anne’s marriage was due to safety reasons she didn’t have any problems breaking it off and her friend understood.

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12A deep complex love

Anne and Kirk had a strong but tough relationship. In their book ‘Kirk and Anne: Letters of Love, Laughter, and a Lifetime in Hollywood’ he described her as a very complex woman who never tried to change him but was brutal when she spoke her mind. This is why Kirk was so interested in her, she was not like other women who’d be willing to do what he pleased, she was a tough cookie.

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13An eventful and tragic marriage

The reason why we’re talking about this couple is that they are the poster couple for what a marriage should be. Just because they were rich and famous did not mean they did not have any problems. They lost their youngest child, Kirk suffered from depression and a stroke, Anne battled with breast cancer and yet they still love each other to this day.

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14What real love looks like

Throughout their marriage, the two-faced problems that would make any modern couple call quits. But, the two stood by each other’s side and faced the problems together. On their 50th anniversary, they renewed their vows and had a huge wedding with around 300 guests. This was to make up for the rushed first wedding that they had in 1954 as Kirk was in the middle of a shoot.

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15Happy even today

Today Kirk is 102 while Anne is 100 and the two are still married and happy together. They stood by each other through thick and thin and proved that even a Hollywood star can be religiously committed to his relationship and that love does exist. The beautiful love story should give anyone hope if they don’t believe in the power of love.

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