15 Images Of Hollywood Celebrities Ignoring Their Children

We often envy Hollywood celebs who are parents. They can get the best nannies to look after their children. They can get the best experts to get them back into shape after a pregnancy. But, what happens when they are left along with their children? They prove that they too are human.

When you become a parent you are tasked with one of the most important jobs an adult can be tasked with, to look after your child no matter what. This is something that every parent takes seriously but there comes those rare oops moments when they forget or let their eyes wander away from their child.

1Kourtney does not have time

Kourtney Kardashian has been a single mom for a long time. After splitting from her husband Scott the model and reality TV star has been seen taking care of her kids all by herself. This image raised many questions online as she isn’t seen holding their hands much while out in public which concerns many parents.

Image Source: www.gotceleb.com

2Gwen looks late

Here we have rocker-mom Gwen Stefan walking with such purpose and dedication the likes of which our parents will never see from us. Her kid, on the other hand, looks to have found something interesting behind us and would like to explore but her mom is fixated with something else.

Image Source: upsocl.com

3This is why you hold hands Kourtney

This image went viral on social media of Kourtney Kardashian hitting her child in the face with the car door. This is why you should hold their hands especially when they are so small. You can chalk it up to the fact that she must have been in a hurry but still what’s more important? Your child or your appointment?

Image Source: heartyhosting.com

4Katie Holmes and Suri

Is this a mother and daughter or a business meeting? We’re not sure. The mother and daughter duo do look incredibly cute together but it gives us a very formal vibe even though Suri is still quite young. It feels like she is being taken to her first audition and she needs to look and act all serious.

Image Source: thetalkoimages.com

5Juice boxes at the awards

This is the most adorable image on the list as it shows how adorable celebrity parents can get even in serious situations. Jay Z and Beyonce brought Blue to the Grammy Awards Show and to keep her calm and happy they brought her juice boxes. It is quite funny to see Jay Z and Beyonce all dressed up while holding tiny juice boxes.

Image Source: celebrityinsider.org

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