Keanu Reeves Reveals His Girlfriend For The First Time And People Are Shocked By Her Age

If there is one actor that the whole world unanimously agreed to love in 2019 that was Keanu Reeves. The actor wasn’t a hot topic for many years but became the center of attention in 2019 with his movie ‘John Wick 3’ burning it up at the box office and his character in ‘Toy Story 4’ being one of the best parts of the movie.

It was also revealed that the actor was going to be seen in a video game by a major developer. And to bring the year to a very warm end he finally stepped out with his girlfriend and the Internet loves every moment of it.

1The appearance

At the LACMA Art and Film Gala hosted by Gucci last weekend, everyone’s favorite movie star Keanu Reeves showed up with a woman! Keanu has been single for a long time and it was quite a surprise to see him with a lady. The two held hands and smiled at each other a lot.

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2The lady in question

Keanu’s date for the event was Alexandra Grant. Alexandra and Keanu have been collaborating on projects for years now. She is a painter and filmmaker. She is highly respected in the LA art scene. The two have appeared in public before but this time, their smiles and hand-holding confirmed that they were together.

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3Who is she?

Alexandra grew up in Spain, Mexico, and France. She is a very talented and cultured woman. She loves to explore how our languages and images we see shape our minds. According to her website, she uses her art to “probe ideas of translation, identity, dis/location, and social responsibility”. She is also ordained to officiate weddings!

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4An occasional filmmaker

Grant is a professor as well as a filmmaker. In 2015, she directed a documentary about a stolen tombstone in Nebraska called ‘Taking Lena Home’. She owns a publishing house X Artists’ Books, along with Keanu and some others. She also founded the project ‘grantLOVE’ that raises money for non-profit organizations.

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5Mistaking her for Helen Mirren

At first glance. Alexandra looks very similar to veteran actress Helen Mirren, with the white hair and the beautiful face. Many fans even tweeted thinking it was Helen Mirren. Helen responded to the tweets saying she was flattered to be mistaken for Alexandra because she is a wonderful person and Helen was very happy.

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