15 Little Facts You Did Not Know About Prince Harry And Prince William’s Relationship

6They love polo

If you know anything about the princes, it’s that they love playing polo. But how did they get started? Well, they have admitted that their love for polo started as kids while watching their father play. Prince Charles used to play polo and that inspired the brothers. Even little George has his own mallet.

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7They used to wear matching clothes as kids

Today the brothers have their own individual sense of style. But when they were kids, they were often dressed in matching clothes by their parents. Though they weren’t twins, they definitely looked like brothers and they looked adorable in matching outfits. For instance, they wore the same daytime jumpers to a polo match.

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8Harry worked as a rugby coach

After finishing his A-levels and before starting university, Harry took a gap year. He traveled and took up several jobs around 2003 and 2004. He worked as a rugby coach in 5 schools. He loved the sport and enjoyed teaching young kids. He looks so young in this picture!

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9They commissioned two documentaries

Harry and William are dedicated sons who still love their late mother. They commissioned two documentaries released in 2017. ‘Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy’ talked about her life in brief. The other was ‘Diana, 7 Days’ which focused on the week leading up to her demise.

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10Diana’s keepsakes

Harry and William had an agreement that whoever would get engaged first would get their mother’s sapphire and diamond ring. This ring was chosen by Harry as a keepsake. William had chosen Diana’s Cartier watch. The ring obviously went to Kate when William popped the question in 2010. Harry was upset but gave it up.

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