The Royal Palace Breaks Silence On Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Renouncing Their Titles

6The couple spent Christmas in Canada

Another surprising turn of events to place during Christmas of 2019. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle decided to spend Christmas in Canada. This came as a shock as this was supposed to be little Archie’s first Christmas with the whole royal family. This only fueled the rumors even more and people brought the topic back into the debate.

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7The royal family stayed silent

Since the rumors began the royal family did not comment on the matter or say anything about it. Christmas season was in full swing and everyone was busy handing our Christmas pudding and money to their favorite charities, hosting parties, etc. This was when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle took a trip with their son to Canada to spend their holidays.

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8New rumors

This began a wave of new rumors that hinted that the royal couple wanted to move to Canada and manage their duties from there. This would mean that they would be moving out of their home in Windsor and relocating to Canada. This would be the first time members of the royal family would attempt such a thing.

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9These were false rumors

These rumors were false and the couple has returned to the United Kingdom after spending six weeks in Canada for Christmas. Reporters and news outlets contacted the Palace for information on these rumors and the Palace just dismissed it claiming there were nothing but speculations and that they would not comment on rumors.

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10How did these rumors begin?

These rumors began when friends of the couple spoke to media outlets and said that the couple was being ‘sidelined’ by the monarchy. Since their marriage, the couple has not been the favored ones in the royal family. The royal family sees Prince William as the more responsible one and that is why all the responsibilities are on him.

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