The Royal Palace Breaks Silence On Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Renouncing Their Titles

11What about Harry and Meghan?

It is safe to say that the couple has had an unconventional marriage which began a chain of unconventional events in the royal family that were never seen before. Since the marriage, Meghan was compared to Kate and their lives, habits and even styles have been constantly compared.

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12Talking about their future

The only truth in all the rumors is that the couple will actually be talking about their future with the members of the royal family including the Queen and Prince Charles. These talks will be about their future and their responsibilities going into 2020. This could be an important year for the couple as they have a lot waiting for them.

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13They are back and working

Most recently the couple was seen visiting Canada House in London. It is reported that the couple thanked them for the warm hospitality and support they received during their recent stay in Canada. This was their first official appearance after their six-week hiatus from royal duties which many believed both Harry and Meaghan needed.

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14Their child is growing up

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With little Archie growing up the couple have to find a way to balance work and home life. These questions were never raised for Prince William as he is always going to be considered to be the more responsible one. Unfortunately thanks to his playboy lifestyle, Prince Harry will always be scrutinized for his actions.

15A lovely Christmas and a great year ahead

The couple had a lovely Christmas all to themselves with baby Archie in Canada. They stayed in a £10.7 million ($1.40 million) eight-bedroom waterfront mansion owned by a mystery multi-millionaire in one of the most idyllic spots on Vancouver Island. After their six week holiday, they are ready to face the challenges that 2020 brings their way.

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