A creative artist duo presents a unique way to use canvas

When we talk about painting as an art, the first image image which strikes our mind is that of a painter with a brush in his hand, and paper on canvas. Canvas has been used for artworks for several years. Have you ever thought that canvas could be used in some other way as well? Your answer will probably be a ‘no’. But here we are going to tell you about an approach in which canvas itself becomes a piece of art. For this creative artist duo “Stallman” canvas is not just background to create a painting. Infact they turn it into a mesmerizing sculpture, filled with amazing hues and shades. Their work is getting appreciated by home decorators, artists, interior designers and normal folks all around the world. What are you waiting for? Take a look at their work.

1 The creative artist duo

The creative artist duo

Image Source: www.designworld.se

Artists Stephen Stum and Jason Hallman merged their names to form one name “Stallman”. The merging was not limited to the names, as they merge their talents, ideas, skills, and visions everyday, to create stunning and mesmerizing three-dimensional sculptures using canvas and paints. They found a new technique in which they use paint and canvas to form a sculpture and named this body of work as “Canvas on The Edge”.

The creative artist duo

Image Source: www.galaxant.com

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