How to make a fire from a gum wrapper and a battery?

Camping is certainly a warm weather activity and also needs to know how to survive in extreme conditions. The most important things required for us to survive are fire, water and food.

While water and food can be carried, one also needs to carry some material in order to start a fire. Fire not only keeps us warm in night, but it can be used to create a distress signal using the smoke generated by it, it can be used to prepared food or boil impure water in order to make in drinkable.

One also needs to know certain alternative ways to create fire with everyday items and here is one such way to create fire using an ordinary chewing gum wrapper and a simple battery.

(Kids don’t try this without parental or adult supervision)

1 The things required

The thing required to create a fire is a simple gum wrapper and an A or AAA battery and a pair of scissors to cut the gum wrapper in required shape. The more powerful the battery, the quicker the fire will start.

Also the gum wrapper should be completely dry and the newer the battery, the better it is to create a fire.

The things required

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