Talented Artist Creates Incredible Truthful Illustrations That Are Louder Than Words

6Our smartphone addiction

We have a very bad obsession with smartphones. This image perfectly sums up what would happen if someone who was addicted to smartphones was sent to jail. When in jail we only get a limited amount of time to talk to loved ones who come to visit. If we were to lock up people who were obsessed with their smartphones this would be the scene in prison.

Image Source: pinimg.com

7Phones v/s real touch

Social media has made it so that we don’t really have to stay in touch with the people around us or even our friends. There was a time when children went to school just to meet their friends but one they are just a swipe away but will that replace real touch?

Image Source: www.watson.ch

8Forgetting what we’ve been taught

The amount of information we receive throughout our years of school and the amount of that information we actually use in real life is not even equal. There is a very big gap in that. We learn just to forget later. There is no use for everything that is taught to us in school yet we are failed if we don’t memorize everything we are taught.

Image Source: behance.net

9Politicians and liars

Today, any politician to wants your vote will make ridiculous claims to what they will do if they succeed. And the sad part is that many people often fall for these claims and vote for the wrong person to get power. This is a cycle that has been going on for decades and will go on even in the future.

Image Source: pinimg.com

10Bare profiles

What this image tries to illustrate is the trend that many women try to follow in imaging social media platforms like Instagram. They bare it all for the sake of views and likes and leave very little to the imagination. This takes away from the wonder of discovering someone for the first time.

Image Source: tumblr.com

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