Trick people into believing you've got an artistic flair with these 11 simple and cheap DIY projects that will totally revamp the looks of your house!

Trick people into believing you’ve got an artistic flair with these 11 simple and cheap DIY projects that will totally revamp the looks of your house!


Why splurge thousands on interior designers when you can make your own custom home decor? And a home decor that can look close to store-made! Here are a few DIY projects you can use to revamp the looks of your house and also a few easy projects to dabble in on those lazy weekends at home.

1 DIY Stool

All you need are a footstool, old magazines/newspaper, two leather belts and a pillow. Stack up the old magazines on top of the footstool in an orderly fashion. Make sure they’re all magazines of the same length and breadth for stability. Stack them up till they reach the height you require and place the pillow on top. Secure the pillow, the magazines and the stool with two leather belts firmly. And voila! Your very own DIY stool!

DIY Stool

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2 Coffee Scented Candles

Who doesn’t love the aroma of fresh coffee beans? Make your house smell of coffee with this simple decor hack. Place a wax candle inside a small ramekin or a small glass bowl. Fill up the spaces with fresh coffee beans. The candle looks ornate and when lit up, emanates the smell of coffee. Scented candles with actual scented wax aren’t that hard to make either. If you have the right materials, you can make them in to time too.

Coffee Scented Candles

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3 DIY Body Pillow

Nothing can be as comforting as a body pillow. Although the ones you get in stores have no ridges, this DIY body pillow offers almost similar comfort. Simply take four/five pillow covers of the same size and sew them together. Insert pillows into the pillow cases and you have your foldable body pillow! This is perfect for both kids and adults and are a comfortable replacement for the conventional mats we lay on the floor.

DIY Body Pillow

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4 Night lights

Fireflies of any color you like caught in a jar – sounds like something straight out of a Disney fairy flick? Well they’re something just about anyone can have in their bedroom. Simply empty the contents of a glow stick into a glass jar, put some diamond glitter in, and shake well. Turn off the lights to see the magic unfold in front of you! An alternative to this is just filling the jar with Christmassy rice lights.

Night lights

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5 CD-ROM Wall Hangings

This is one of the coolest DIY projects of the lot. Gather a few old CD-ROMs and simply clip or string them together. Hang them on a wall or from the ceiling to give your room a very disco-ish look. Or, if your creative juices are flowing, put your art supplies to work and customize the CDs however you like.

CD-ROM Wall Hangings

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6 Jar Terrarium

Have you always envied those people with fancy interior gardens in their houses? Well, fret no more. Make your own jar terrariums and place them in the rooms of your choice! Get hold of large glass jars and fill the bottom with ample amounts of soil, sand and pebbles. Plant suitable indoor ornamental plants in the soil and you’re done!

Jar Terrarium

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7 Washi Tape Decor

Washi tape has the potential to make anything look funky and cool! Be it envelopes, candles, or even furniture. Customize it as per your taste with different rolls of washi tape. It is easily available on online craft websites. Or if you prefer a classier look to a tacky look, try using metallic duct tape. This looks excellent especially on wax candles.

Washi Tape Decor

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8 Phone Holder

Is that one charging port just too high up on the wall or situated at some point on the wall where your charging chord is just too small to allow your phone to rest on the nearest piece of furniture? This makeshift phone holder comes to your rescue! Another of the easiest DIY projects of the lot! Get hold of an old shampoo or lotion bottle and cut it out as shown in the photograph, with holes for the plug and a pouch sort of provision to hold your phone up easily. You can even customize it with paint or washi tape.

Phone Holder

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9 Pebble Mat

Collect smooth pebbles of different sizes and simply glue them onto an already existing doormat or bathroom mat. You can also make pebble placemats in this fashion. Or, if you’re lazy, find a rectangular sieve used in construction sites. Arrange the pebbles on the sieve and place them it in your bathroom. This way, you add an extra dimension to the interiors in your bathroom and also give your soles a massage as soon you get out of the shower.

Pebble Mat

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10 Derp Keychain Holder

This is a very fun touch to add to your mundane key holder. Cut open a slit on an old tennis ball for the mouth. Stick on two googly eyes and attach Derp to the wall with a suction holder. Derp not only holds keys, but can also hold your mail, pens, towels etc. in the mouth.

Derp Keychain Holder

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11 Colored Carnations

This works best on white flowers, and hence we’ve circled in on Carnations. Wind the clocks back to 7th grade botany classes and you’ll remember learning about how the xylem and phloem vessels in plants carry water and food to different parts of the body respectively. This works upon the same principle. Cut the tapered bottoms of the stems of your flowers, and before placing them in a vase, add the desired food coloring to the water in the vase.

Colored Carnations

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Place your flowers inside the water and in due course of time, the color travels to the petals and gives your Carnations a whole new look all together.

We really hope you liked some or all of these DIY projects and would give them a try whenever you get time. If you make any of these, do share your experiences with us. We’ll be waiting!

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