Trick people into believing you’ve got an artistic flair with these 11 simple and cheap DIY projects that will totally revamp the looks of your house!

Why splurge thousands on interior designers when you can make your own custom home decor? And a home decor that can look close to store-made! Here are a few DIY projects you can use to revamp the looks of your house and also a few easy projects to dabble in on those lazy weekends at home.

1 DIY Stool

All you need are a footstool, old magazines/newspaper, two leather belts and a pillow. Stack up the old magazines on top of the footstool in an orderly fashion. Make sure they’re all magazines of the same length and breadth for stability. Stack them up till they reach the height you require and place the pillow on top. Secure the pillow, the magazines and the stool with two leather belts firmly. And voila! Your very own DIY stool!

DIY Stool

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