What are the 10 things that you should never throw away and instead think of recycling or reusing them?

What are the 10 things that you should never throw away and instead think of recycling or reusing them?


Do you have a cupboard in your store room that is filled with empty jars, bottles and other stuffs that don’t seem to be very useful to you right at the moment? Are you planning to throw them away and make room for storing other important things? Well, you must think again before executing such a step because if you think creatively, you can find all your empty jars and containers to be useful in some way or the other. You can apply the concept of recycling things at your own home by being a little more creative.

1 You need to be creative and innovative

Take a good look at the things that are present inside your drawer or cupboard and then challenge yourself, to reuse all those items once again in a useful and functional way. The philosophy of ‘Recycle and Reuse’ will never go out of fashion and you can carry it out too right at your own home or office. This will not only make your life easier but will also aid you in saving a lot of money.

Why don’t you consider the different possibilities?

You need to be creative and innovative

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2 Old T-shirts

You might have a dozen t-shirts that are stuffed in one section of your wardrobe. You might be waiting for getting back to shape to wear them again, right? How about using the soft material t-shirts as rags? Since the t-shirts are easy to cut and clean you can consider this option and save a lot of money in the long run as you don’t need to invest in the paper rags anymore.

Old T-shirts

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3 Brown paper bags

From now on make sure that you are not throwing away the brown paper shopping bags in the trash including the ripped ones as well. This is because these paper bags are extremely useful for soaking or absorbing the wet shoes and the sleeves of the drenched coats especially in the rainy season.

Since the paper is thick, the moisture gets absorbed efficiently and the fiber also dries up faster by retaining the shape as well. There is no fear of ink to get into the fabric like the newspapers.

Brown paper bags

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4 Cooking oil

Does the last drop of your cooking oil from the container always go waste? Why don’t you use a cotton swap and dab the bottom of the oil container and apply the leftover oil to the hinges of the creaky doors and make them soundless again?

Cooking oil

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5 Toilet paper rolls

Don’t throw away the toilet paper rolls after they are finished. You can use them as a simple drawer organizer for various personal accessories like jewelry, hair clips, rubber bands, pens, kitchen spoons and others or you can even use it to organize office supplies.

Toilet paper rolls

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6 Baby food jars

Once they become empty, you can customize them as salt and pepper shakers with beautiful designs instead of throwing them away. Since the containers are made of glass, the spices will be free from moisture and thereby retain their freshness.

Baby food jars

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7 Tea container or tins

Tea usually comes in beautiful and attractive metal containers. How about reusing them as an appealing candle stand that can be apt for gifting as well?

Tea container or tin

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8 Plastic jugs

You can turn the empty plastic container into mini shovels which are suitable for gardening, digging snow from tires of cars, pet food etc.

Plastic jugs

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9 Leftover cooked meat bones

If you wish to make your very own chicken or meat stock by including vegetables in it, don’t ever throw away the leftover cooked meat bones and reuse them.

Leftover cooked meat bone

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10 Aluminum foil

Have you been throwing away the used aluminum foil? Don’t do it anymore since it can be reused as a knife sharper and pot scrubber.

Aluminum foil

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11 Toothbrushes

Grimy toothbrushes are usually thrown away in the thrash by the people without even thinking about reusing them. You can use it to clean the dirt from in between the tiles and other difficult to reach places.


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12 Value the money that you spend to purchase

At one point of time you had invested the hard earned money to get hold of the above mentioned ten things, right? Why don’t you value the investment that you made in the past in the current real time by thinking innovatively and recycling and reusing the products for the present usage?

Value the money that you spend to purchase

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13 Creativity is all that is required

If you can take some time out of your hectic and busy schedule and have a look at your cupboard or drawer that is stuffed with empty jars, t-shirts and paper bags, you can make sure that you are not throwing away everything considering them as thrash. In fact, such items and extra goods can be of immense help to you.

Creativity is all that is required

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Recycling has become the latest trend everywhere in almost all aspects of life. A true homesteader is someone who makes sure that he/she is recycling and reusing things well.

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