15 US Navy SEAL Hacks That Can Help You Survive in All Odd Situations

When you join the army you are taught discipline, responsibility and your mind and body is brought to peak human form. But, when you join the Navy SEALs the only thing taught to you is how to stay alive and how to think fast on your feet.

Today, we’ve gathered a few tips, tricks and life hacks that Navy SEAL officers use that you can include in your daily life or remember when you go out camping or hiking. You can learn a lot from the men whose only job is to complete the mission and to stay alive at all costs.

1Sugar on wounds

If you get injured while camping or while hiking, apply sugar to your wound. Bacteria cannot survive in high sugar content. If you don’t have the proper antiseptics required to clean the wound you can use sugar after you clean the wound with water. Then cover the wound with a piece of cloth to keep it safe from the environment.

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2Easy fire starter

If you go on Amazon you will see fire starter kits that range from cheap to expensive. They all do the exact same thing but are of different quality. But, did you know that you can make your very own easy to use fire starter kit? All you need to do is take a few cotton balls and rub Vaseline on them. Then keep them safe in an old plastic bottle that is airtight.

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3If your hands are tied and you’re drowning

If you find yourself in a situation where you cannot use your hands and you’re in a body of water then you need to learn to use your feet. Let your body sink while you stay calm and hold your breath. Once you feel you have touched the ground boost yourself up and back to the surface to catch your breath.

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4Don’t panic think of a goal

If you’re lost in the woods or find yourself in a situation where you begin to panic, stay calm. Instead of thinking how you’re going to survive, think of smaller goals like what is your next step? Smaller goals are easier to achieve and they will boost your motivation once completed.

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5Always follow a stream

If you’re lost in a forest, always try to find a stream or a source of flowing water. These flowing sources of water will lead you to more developed areas. Either you’ll see a more developed area or a large source of water where you might see people.

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