Here’s How Your Favorite Celebrities Celebrated Halloween In 2019


When you’re a celebrity it is hard to have private moments unless you’re behind closed doors. The moment you step out you get recognized and get followed by the paparazzi or fans. But, on Halloween, all that changes.

This is that one time of the year where fans don’t really know who is a celeb and who isn’t as everyone is in a costume. This is the one time of the year when you could be standing beside someone famous and not even know it.  Here, we’ve gathered some of the best celebrity Halloween costumes of 2019.

1Paul Rudd

Ant-Man was out and about as everyone’s favorite parody singer “Weird Al” Yankovic. The costume is great and from a distance, he even looks like “Weird Al” Yankovic when he was young. Rudd has always been a fan of pop culture and paying tribute to one of his icons was the way he wanted to spend Halloween.

Paul Rudd

Image Source: redd.it

2The Weeknd

If you went out this Halloween, chances are you saw a ‘Joker’. And we can bet it was the Joaquin Phoenix one that recently released. Here we have The Weeknd paying tribute to the clown that started it all. He was dressed as the ‘Joker’ from Tim Burton’s 1989 ‘Batman’. This is an impressive costume and the makeup is on point.

The Weeknd

Image Source: metro.co.uk

3Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande the pop sensation decided to go as the nurse from the movie “Eye Of The Beholder”. Most people did not get the reference. The “Eye of the Beholder” was an episode on the ‘The Twilight Zone’ series. Many people thought that she was going as ‘Miss Piggy’ from the ‘Muppets’ as she did bear striking resemblance to the character.

Ariana Grande

Image Source: radioservices.sk

4Kim Kardashian

The woman that broke the Internet decided to go out as a famous character from early 2001. She went as ‘Elle Woods’ from the hit comedy movie ‘Legally Blond’. In the movie, the character was played by actresses Reese Witherspoon and is well known for her iconic pink fashion sense.

Kim Kardashian

Image Source: www.usmagazine.com

5Jason Momoa

Aquaman went out as the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Elvis himself and even danced on ‘The Ellen Show’. It was impressive and fun to see the actor have some fun. He looked incredible in the costume and even when performing those iconic moves. On the show, he even did Elvis’s voice and confessed to being an obsessive Elvis fan.

Jason Momoa

Image Source: boredpanda.com

6Kevin Hart

The stand-up comedian didn’t miss a chance to make fun of his friend and costar in the upcoming ‘Jumanji 2’ movie, Dwayne Johnson. Kevin dressed up as Dwayne when he was in his early 20s before starting his wrestling career. The image has been made fun of a thousand times already but it was fun to see the comedian look like Johnson.

Kevin Hart

Image Source: redd.it

7Demi Lovato

The pop star went out as not one but two characters. First as Maria Antonia Josepha Johanna who was the last Queen of France before the French Revolution and then as a female version of ‘Pennywise’ from the 2019 movie “IT Chapter: II”. Both costumes looked amazing and the amount of makeup used was incredible.

Demi Lovato

Image Source: radioservices.sk

8Kate Beckinsale

The English actress decided to go out as the ‘Holly Golightly’ from the now-iconic 1961 movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. In the movie legendary actress, Audrey Hepburn played the part of ‘Holly’. We have to say the costume was on point and Kate looked stunning wearing it. We have to admit if we saw Kate at the supermarket dressed like that we would’ve been pleasantly surprised.

Kate Beckinsale

Image Source: bugaga.ru

9Christina Hendricks

In a pleasant surprise, we got to see Christina Hendricks as ‘Ginny Weasley’ from the ‘Harry Potter’ film series. It was a natural pick as the actress is a natural redhead but to see her in the full costume was incredible. This was a really creative way to use your natural looks to your advantage and we’re sure the costume didn’t take much time either.

Christina Hendricks

Image Source: dailymail.co.uk

10Vanessa Hudgens

Tim Burton’s ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ is a favorite movie to take characters from to dress up as during Halloween. This is where Vanessa Hudgens decided to take her Halloween idea as ‘Sally’. The costume is good and the makeup is good too. Not that great of a display but still a good effort.

Vanessa Hudgens

Image Source: www.voiceofbeladynews.com

11The cast of Black-Ish as Tethered

The entire cast of the hit comedy show ‘Black-Ish’ decided to go as the ‘Tethered’. This is from the 2019 horror movie ‘Us’ directed by Jordan Peele. The ‘Tethered’ are clones of real human beings who come out of hiding. The cast looks incredible in their costumes and this is a very good Halloween idea.

The cast of Black-Ish as Tethered

Image Source: twimg.com

12Luna Simone Stephens

The daughter of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend looked adorable this Halloween as ‘Wonder Woman’. She looked cute in her tiny costume that even came with tiny boots. We have to admit that her name Luna Legend is the perfect superhero name. She was one of the most adorable children in costume this Halloween.

Luna Simone Stephens

Image Source: tabloidnyata.com

13Liza Koshy

The YouTube megastar was seen as Anna Wintour who has been the editor-in-chief of Vogue since 1988 as well as the artistic director for Condé Nast. She is a huge name in the fashion industry and Liza being a fashion icon herself decided to pay tribute to one of her icons.

Liza Koshy

Image Source: rebelmouse.io

14Ashley Graham

Even though the famous plus-size model is pregnant she did not lose a chance to show off her curves as one of the curviest characters in film history, Jessica Rabbit. The model looked stunning in the costume and her fans are eagerly eating for the day she gives them the good news of her childbirth.

Ashley Graham

Image Source: yandex.net

15Jay-Z as Vincent Vega

When it comes to dressing up as characters from the iconic Quentin Tarantino movie ‘Pulp Fiction’, Black actors have unfortunately a limited choice. You can go as Jules Winnfield or Marsellus Wallace but Jay-Z decided to go as ‘Vincent Vega’ himself. The costume even had blood on it from when Vincent shot Marvin in the face.

Jay-Z as Vincent Vega

Image Source: redd.it

16Kylie Jenner

The young model decided to give her fans what they’ve been clamoring for since she got her hair dyed red. Kylie went out as Ariel in full costume and looked stunning. A lot like the character but in real life. We have to give props to the costume designer for this. The costume is quite spot-on and impressive.

Kylie Jenner

Image Source: peopledotcom.com

17Heidi Klum

Over the years the former model and judge has ruled the Halloween scene as the ‘Queen of Halloween’. During this festive time, she puts in a lot of effort in her Halloween costume. Over the years her efforts have been noted by her fans, friends and even other celebrities who patiently wait for her next big reveal. This year she spared no expense in looking like an alien. The costume took hours to put on but was worth the wait.

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