15 Photos Of The Most Beautiful Hooters Girls Will Surely Make You Hungry!

Hooters is the perfect place for a few cold ones and a nice meal with the boys. Over the years the food chain establishment has gained a reputation and some controversy based on how they use their female staff. But, what people don’t realize is that they have always been honest about it.

They have always been clear that using attractive and beautiful women as waitresses has always been their main goal to get customers. But what most people do not know is that it is a very safe environment for women to work in and they pay quite well compared to others.

1Rachel Swartz

Getting a job at Hooters is not difficult. They have changed over the years and is now a great place to start to go on to newer things. A good example is Rachel Swartz who was the first runner-up in Hooters’ Swimsuit Pageant in 2018. She has the looks to have won the whole event.

Image Source: www.ledger-enquirer.com

2Megan Pugh

Another Hooters waitress who could easily pass by as a professional model is Megan Pugh. She is currently an aspiring model and does have all the looks needed to be one. She gained the confidence working here and now posts pictures of herself on her social media. If you go on her social media you can see her entire journey.

Image Source: Instagram.com

3Jordyn Cheesemore

She has been featured on the Hooter’s calendar multiple times and is one very beautiful looking woman. While most Hooter girls go for the traditional blond look she has rocked the brunette look with style and class. Hooters is a great place for women to build up their confidence to talk to people.

Image Source: cloudfront.net

4Assiatou Barry

Hooters does not just employ white women as many people believed. They employ women of all color just as long as they are willing to wear the iconic uniform. Assiatou Barry is a great example of how a woman of color can easily make a career form here before entering the modeling world.

Image Source: twimg.com

5Brooke Adams

Today, Brooke Adams is a professional wrestler who worked for the WWE and TNA. She goes by the name Miss Tessmacher and Brooke Tessmacher. Even though she is now a professional wrestler she always is proud of her time in the orange uniform. She said in multiple interviews that she learned a lot from her time at Hooters.

Image Source: ytimg.com

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