10 Newest styles of the latest Beard and undercut trend that has ladies drooling over

Facial hair on a man is a sign of ruggedness and toughness. This is something that attracts a female since to her it is a sign that the male is capable to provide security to her from other males and also care for her.

Though in modern times, clean shaven look is more preferred by most men in the corporate world and ladies also seem to dig that look, but the bearded look is making a strong comeback thanks to the increase of bearded celebrities in the mainstream media.

Here are 10 such looks that will get you all the attraction from the opposite sex at the club tonight.

1 Salt and Pepper Beard

Earlier people used to cover up their grey hair, but now grey hair is the sign on maturity that women find hot. This salt and pepper look always work with the ladies. Little grey surrounded by lots of black is the hottest thing now.

Women like men who don’t hide their reality and this look is the perfect sign that you are an open book with a mystery inside.

Salt and Pepper Beard

Image Source: www.hairstyleonpoint.com

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