56,000 pounds – The price of looking like Katie Price a Mother and daughter duo spent

What would you do to follow your role model and your idol in life? The maximum you would do is emulated their values and the way they worked hard. But would you spend a fortune of money in order to look exactly like them?

We’ve heard some strange plastic surgery stories in our time, but this takes things to a whole new level.This mother daughter duo did spend lots of money in order to look like their favourite celebrity model Katie Price and undergone numerous numbers of surgeries and procedure to look like her.

You can read their story of obsession and transformation below.

1 The mother daughter duo

Georgina Clarke, 38, and her daughter Kayla Morris, 20, from Rugby, have had numerous procedures done to them in a attempt to look more like their obsession model Katie Price, all of which are financed by Miss Morris.

Ms Clarke, who claims to be addicted to Botox, says she is pleased for her daughter to strip to fund the operations and also understood when she picked up a 50 plus old sugar daddy at the age of 18.

Kayla says about her and her mother’s obsession, “My mum is my best friend and plastic surgery is our way of bonding. Every time we go under the knife we get closer to looking like Katie.” Kayla says she became obsessed with Katie’s alter-ego Jordan 13 years ago and she started copying her look; reading about her life and watching her TV show.

She decided she wanted a boob job when she was still in primary school and Georgina loved the idea, having also become addicted to looking like Katie Price.

 The mother daughter duo

Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

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