56,000 pounds – The price of looking like Katie Price a Mother and daughter duo spent

3 Surgeries and fundings

Kayla Morris dropped out of college at the age of 18 and with her mother’s support started stripping in order to fund both of their surgeries. She even got herself a 50 year old married guy to splurge on her and her mother’s surgeries in return for other favours.

Kayla’s mother Georgina said, “I was so pleased. I admitted I wanted one too and we started planning for when she turned 18. I don’t mind that Kayla had a sugar daddy and she insisted we use the money to get plastic surgery together.”

Surgeries and fundings

Image Source: www.antenna.gr

Kayla spent nearly £5,000 for her first breast enhancing surgery and the pair habitually have lip fillers, Botox sessions, dye their hair bright blonde and covered themselves with make-up to look more fashionable. They are addicted on tanning and use sunbeds five times a week and continue to spend about £5,000 a year on several treatments and operations.

Georgina has also laughed at the disapproval shown by the local women near her home in Rugby, Warwickshire. The women from her locality don’t agree with the way she’s raising her daughter up and how much operation they’ve had. She said, “I got a letter from local women saying everyone laughs at me because I dress like a tramp and have duck lips. But I love the way I look now.”

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