6 Best examples of new and hip galaxy hair trend

Different hair trends catch like wildfire at different times. Since hair styling and grooming have been an indispensable part of the human growth since time immemorial , new hair trends are always welcomed by people.

A new kind of hair style is catching people’s eyes on Instagram these days. Many different types of colorful combinations of hair styling have been trending on Instagram, becoming popular out of nowhere. Also this year has been kind of known for hair styles inspired by space.

The various colors of galaxies, colors of space and planets have been giving hair stylists all kinds of ideas for colorful new styles of hair. People are also taking ideas from cosmos and dyeing their hair in colors that mimic the vibrant appearance of space.

Not only female, but men are also not behind in joining this trend. Here are 6 best galaxy hair trend examples.

1 What is galaxy hair?

The galaxy hair trend is a variation of the rainbow pastel hair trend. The difference is that instead of using rainbow colors, the people who dye their hair, post pictures along with a galaxy in space whose color is similar to that of their hair color.

But it includes some maintenance, since dyes tend to fade away after 1 week or so, hence you have visit a salon for constant touch ups if you plan on having the color combo for a long time.

What is galaxy hair?

Image Source: www.womansvibe.com

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