9 Most beautiful and hottest Asian Models

Women from Asia or of Asian descent always have had a special place for the people in Americas and the Europe. Asian women generally have a small, diminutive frame which enhances their delicateness. In Japan, a woman with pale skin is supposed to signify having great wealth and beauty, whereas tanned skin signified a person form working class.

Another feature of Asian women that makes them different from Caucasian women is their beautiful eyes. Thanks to a specific genetic trait, Asian women seem to have eyes very similar to that of a cat and some people lovingly refer to a beautiful woman with such eyes as having “cat eyes.”

Aside from having enticing eyes, the designs on their dresses are very often flowers or something that relates them to their femininity. So here are 9 of the most beautiful and hottest Asian models.

1 Grace Kim

Grace Kim is of Korean and American descent and before becoming a model; she was a perfect geeky kind of a girl who worked for a gaming company writing advertising material for their games.

But in 2008, Playboy discovered her and she grace that year’s issue of Playboy as the playmate of the year. She has the honour of being the first ever Korean playmate for the Playboy magazine. Though now she has a career writing books and authoring articles on various topics, she still occasionally works for Playboy. Grace is a great example of perfect combination of beauty and brains.

Grace Kim

Image Source: www.photobucket.com

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