Age is nothing but a number for this 59-year-old fashion model

Breaking into and getting success in the modeling industry is extremely challenging. The fashion industry is associated with strict physical standards and mostly young people having good looks, amazing personalities and well-toned bodies try their luck in the world of modeling. Models who reach their 20’s start worrying about their career. However, when looking at this fashion model, Yasmina Rossi, it seems age is just a number and really does not matter to get success in the modeling industry. This 59-year-old lady got good opportunities in the modeling world at the age of 45 and is still going strong as a fashion model. Take a look at her story and pictures to believe that, really there is a woman, who is a stunning model, as well as a grandmother to two kids.

1 Yasmina Rossi

Yasmina Rossi is a fashion model and is best known for her glowing, beautiful and youthful appearance. She was born in France in 1955 and was raised on the island of Corsica. She is currently working as a fashion model for several famous international brands like Hermes, Markes & Spencer and Macy’s.

She tried her luck in modeling industry in her late 20s for money but did not get a big project until she was 45, when she signed a modeling contract with Marks & Spencer. After this project, there was certainly no looking back for her and she just went ahead with many more contracts. She modeled for many international brands including MasterCard, At&T, Macy’s. Now she is 59 years old, and at this age when most people would be think of retiring in a few years, this silver-haired beauty is still rocking the fashion arena with her amazing charm, beauty and a well-maintained body.

 Yasmina Rossi

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