Four eyebrow mistakes that can make you look older

Eyebrows play a far significant role on how people look than many people realize. Discovering the best shape for your eyebrows completely changes your appearance. When wearing makeup doesn’t look good, it can be that the eyebrows are not in proper shape. Little eyebrow mistakes not only destroy your look but can also make you look 10 or more years older than you actually are. It is therefore advised by beauticians to discover the perfect shape for your eyebrows.

Read on to know about four eyebrows mistakes that can make you look older, as well as some tips for countering these effects.

1 Thin eyebrows

If your eyebrow gets thin, do not worry. Fixing thinning eyebrows is very simple. You can use a small stiff brush to fill them. Some women also prefer using eye shadow for this. Different brands are also coming up with several products to make the eyebrows look fuller. Women with oily skin can use a waterproof pencil to make their brows fuller and more attractive. A crème or wax can provide a good finishing look for brows that need to be more thoroughly drawn.

Thin eyebrows

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