7 Reasons freckles are more awesome than any other body feature


Freckles are some of the most attractive physical traits on ladies. But not all of them love freckles and most of them undergo procedures to get rid of them. They may also develop complex seeing their freckle free friends, but we have 7 strong reasons why you should embrace your freckles and why they are awesome.

1 Freckles give people a strong message

Freckles not only cover your body and face, but having freckles gives you the strength to be you. You don’t have to worry about wearing makeup all the time or think that you need to hide your freckles in any way. In this image singer Demi Lovato removes her makeup to show her freckled face and giving the strong message of you need to let your true self shine and then you will conquer the world.

Freckles on body and face

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2 Freckles also indicate important things about our health

Freckles also indicate many things about our health. When you go out on a beach on a sunny day, these freckles will increase in number or change under the rays of sun. This happens because of the radiation from the UV rays of the sun, which can cause skin cancer. Freckles actually indicate when you should cover up and put on more sunscreen on your exposed skin.

Girl wearing goggles

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3 Freckles are honest

When Emma Watson graced the cover of the Porter magazine, she won lots of accolades for not putting on any makeup and hiding the freckles on her face. This because she works in an industry where physical appearance of any person is heavily altered if it is even a millimeter away from perfection. You can’t have a spot on your face and Watson was honest about the beauty spots known as freckles on her face and graced the cover in her true form.

Freckles are honest

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4 Freckles make you unique

Freckles give your face a unique look. Though most of people associate the freckles with people who have very light colored skin, but the truth is that freckles also occur on people with dark colored skin as well. Actually freckles can occur on any skin tone and even on people with very dark skin tones. It’s the pattern that makes you unique.

Freckles make you unique

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5 Freckles make selfies more awesome

People have still thought of freckles as something that shouldn’t be there in their pictures and have refused to put their selfies on social media for the fear that people are join to play join the dots on them. But with social media celebs like Kylie Jenner embracing their freckles and putting up no makeup selfies on Instagram might provide the encouragement for other ladies to do the same.

Freckles make selfies awesome

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6 Freckles relax you

People only tend to show their freckles when they are relaxed. Therefore whenever people go out for outings or trips and casually wear their skin as it is, it means they are in a relaxing mindset and freckles play a major role in that.

Frecklesa relax you

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7 Freckles define beauty

Freckles and beauty spots have been the symbol of beauty from ancient times and even today many supermodels have been known for their freckles and even moles. Can you forget the mole on Cindy Crawford and freckled models like Binx Walton and Natalie Westling. Freckles define the standard in beauty.

Freckles define beauty

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8 Freckles should be embraced

Finally, you should be glad that you got kissed by the sun and got freckles. Embrace your freckles and show them to the whole world like they are your status symbol. It is something that makes you beautiful and you should embrace with full freedom.

Freckles should be embraced

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