How the body shapes of women have changed over the course of the century?

Every now and then in a few years, a new type of body shape comes in fashion. The perspective of how a woman should look physically, differs from people to people and from time to time. Sometimes the Keira Knightley look is applauded, while some other time the Sofia Vergara look is in.

Some of the major factors in how a woman should look is the influence of the media and Hollywood. The perspective changes from woman to woman, as they are portrayed on the silver screen. Other factors like changes in social status also lead to changes in the body shapes of women.

Keeping that in mind, here we are going to tell you about 11 major changes in the body shapes of women, which have taken place in each decade of the last 100 years.

1 1910- The Gibson Girl

Being a woman in 1910s was a hard place. They didn’t have any legal rights and they were even exploited physically. How a woman should look was entirely dependent on the man’s perspective and that meant that women from that decade looked more or like how Kate Winslet looked in Titanic.

The corset was in craze and the race to have the narrowest hips and heaviest bosoms was fought with tenacity. Women had to be soft everywhere except their waists and needed to have large breasts. The curly hairstyle was in fashion and women had to wear layers of dresses in order to hide the corset.

The Gibson Girl

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