Of satins and silks…check out the 10 costliest fabrics from around the world

Of satins and silks…check out the 10 costliest fabrics from around the world


We are all familiar with the jazz about how the world is too materialistic. Well, it sure is and there is nothing we can do about it. If you can’t beat them, you better join them. Let’s take a look at some of the costliest fabrics around the world that beautifully contribute to the materialism (of the cloth) around us.

1 Mulberry Silk

Mulberry silk is one of the softest and costliest fabrics in the world. The silk is made from silkworms that are domesticated and bred indoors. Mulberry silk is known for its fine quality. The prices vary depending on the various blends like mulberry crepe, mulberry chiffon, etc. Phew, that is a lot for the costliest fabrics group.

Mulberry Silk

Image Source: www.alicdn.com

2 Golden Spider Silk

Spider silk is a rare fabric that is made out of the silk spun by spiders (of course!). Millions of wild spiders from Madagascar were used to carefully craft the longest fabric made of golden spider silk which is 4 meters long. It is a work of art and is considered priceless (literally).

Golden Spider Silk

Image Source: www.ytimg.com

3 Charmeuse Silk

Charmeuse silk is light in weight and has a satiny shimmer to it. It is known for its fine texture and silky soft feel. It mainly used for making evening gowns, night gowns and lingerie as it flows beautifully and drapes the silhouette well. Printed charmeuse costs about $ 62 per meter.

Charmeuse Silk

Image Source: www.thunderlily.com

4 Vucana Wool

Vucana sheep, which is the national animal of Peru, is responsible for producing the best quality wool in the whole world. Known as vucana wool, it is expensive due to its limited availability as the sheep can be shorn only once every three years. A scarf made out of vucana wool might cost you about $ 20,000, thus making it one of the most costly fabrics in the world.

Vucana Wool

Image Source: www.alux.com

5 Cashmere Wool

Cashmere wool is another fine type of wool that is popular for its quality and absurd price. It is shorn from cashmere goats. Though cashmere and pashmina fabrics used to have a lot of differences earlier, these days they are very much similar. The wool is apparently so pure that even a large piece of cloth could be passed through a finger ring. Being one the costliest materials that exist today, cashmere sweaters are generally priced at $500 and above.

Cashmere Wool

Image Source: www.wsimg.com

6 Guanaco Wool

Guanaco wool is another fine type of prized wool which is considered quite expensive in the fabric world. It is obtained from the guanacos (a type of llama) found in South America. Its quality is less only to Vucana wool. Guanaco outfits and scarfs are usually priced at $ 650 and above.

Guanaco Wool

Image Source: www.alpacacollections.com

7 Alpaca Wool

Alpaca wool is shorn from the alpacas that are found mostly in North America. Their fleece is water resistant and even fire resistant to an extent, thus making it one of the costliest fabrics on earth. Alpaca wool is known for its lustre and smooth texture. Alpaca sweaters cost around $200 and above.

Alpaca Wool

Image Source: www.bigcommerce.com

8 Qiviut Fur

This rare fur is known to be eight times warmer than the wool taken from sheep and goats. Qiviut fur is collected from the musk ox found in Northern Canada when they shed their fur during spring season. Qiviut sweaters range from $ 750 to $1300.

Qiviut Fur

Image Source: www.aurorayarnsofalaska.com

9 Mink Fur

Mink fur is the epitome of luxury and comfort. Though not considered eco-friendly as they are made from the hides of animals called minks, mink fur is considered to be extremely fine and silky soft. This is one of the costliest fabrics, mostly used to make coats, wraps and shawls. Mink coats usually cost about $7,000 to $ 27,000

Mink Fur

Image Source: www.wikimedia.org

10 Guanashina

Nowadays, blended fabrics are in trend and considered quite luxurious. Guanashina is a costly fabric type that is the result of blending together guanaco, cashmere and pashmina wool. Suits made out of Guanashina are valued at around$15,000.


Image Source: www.gearpatrol.com

Now you have an idea about the best and costliest materials to drape yourself in if you decide to walk down the fashion lane and embrace the materialistic side of the fashion world for its beauty and class.

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