Of satins and silks…check out the 10 costliest fabrics from around the world

4 Vucana Wool

Vucana sheep, which is the national animal of Peru, is responsible for producing the best quality wool in the whole world. Known as vucana wool, it is expensive due to its limited availability as the sheep can be shorn only once every three years. A scarf made out of vucana wool might cost you about $ 20,000, thus making it one of the most costly fabrics in the world.

Vucana Wool

Image Source: www.alux.com

5 Cashmere Wool

Cashmere wool is another fine type of wool that is popular for its quality and absurd price. It is shorn from cashmere goats. Though cashmere and pashmina fabrics used to have a lot of differences earlier, these days they are very much similar. The wool is apparently so pure that even a large piece of cloth could be passed through a finger ring. Being one the costliest materials that exist today, cashmere sweaters are generally priced at $500 and above.

Cashmere Wool

Image Source: www.wsimg.com

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