10 Things people with thick eyebrow get naturally

People with thick eyebrows will surely relate to these situations, 2nd and 6th are oh so painfully true!


Nowadays, thick eyebrows are hugely in trend. Celebrities like Lilly Collins and Cara Delevigne also inspired the wave of thick eyebrows. Thick eyebrows make the face more appealing as it looks more defined and refined! But, if you are not able to maintain their shape, then the bushy brows can even mar your appearance.Take a look at the ups and downs of having thick eyebrows, which can be totally understood by anyone who have such eyebrows.

1 There is no need to use extra cosmetic products to have defined eyebrows

If your eyebrows are naturally thick, then there is no need to fill them up with extra cosmetic products to define their shape. You can simply highlight your brows using the pencil when going for any event or party, but most of the times you will actually find that you love sporting your natural look.

There is no need of fakery if you have thick brows

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2 Getting thick brows in shape is tedious and painful

Thick eyebrows always look stunning and there is no need to use products to get them in shape. But the hair of the brows are usually hard so getting them in shape can be tedious and painful, especially when you do it yourself using different hair instruments. The pulling and plucking can be just so painful, and you know the ordeal better than anyone!

Getting thick brows in shape is tedious and painful

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3 Hair removal methods do not provide a long lasting solution

Whether you use waxing, threading or professional service, there is no hair removal method that provides a permanent solution. In other words, your brows will grow back within a week after hair removal. Unless, of course you go for a laser treatment, which is mostly expensive than any other method of hair removal.

 Hair removal methods

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4 Thick eyebrows look clean and sharp

Many people believe that thick eyebrows look messy and unruly. This comment is usually not true. Thick eyebrows can look clean and sharp if you properly take care of it. But yes, you will actually have to take great care of them if you don’t want those bushy brows.

Thick eyebrows look clean and sharp

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5 Some people feel jealous for not having thick brows

Many people feel jealous for not having naturally thick brows. If you have natural thick brows, there is no need to use other eye products to make the brow shape stunning. You can do it by simply giving them a proper shape and you are good to go.

Some people feel jealous for not having thick brows

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6 Threading is never pain-free!

Threading is certainly something which is never pain-free. Some people experience less pain and some experience severe pain. It depends on their body’s resistance power. And god forbid,if you have sensitive skin, then the pain and tears flow with each movement, but again the sharpness and attractiveness your face gets after threading makes it all worth it.

Threading is never pain-free

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7 You are free to give your eyebrows any shape

Your eyebrows, your choice. If you have thick brows, you have options to give them any shape. Whether you want to make your brows round or try to shape them more into an arc, you can do it using different hair removal methods.

You are free to give your eyebrow any shape

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8 A little mistake will ruin your entire look

Eyebrows are a complex facial feature and play a vital role in your facial appearance. A little mistake during the hair removal procedure will completely ruin your look. You should visit an expert beautician to get the best beauty service and avoid the chance of mistake as well.

brows mistake

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9 Thick brows are high-maintenance

Thick brows like other eyebrows also need maintenance. If you leave them on their own condition, they become worse. Grooming brows should be your first priority over everything as they can make or break your entire look.

Thick brows also need maintenance

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10 People have a goal to have thick brows

Many people have a die-hard desire to have thick brows. Some people even use natural remedies to make their brows naturally thick. So, count yourself lucky to have thick brows. Just maintain them, and you can be sure that you look appealing to the world!

goal to have thick brow

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