People with thick eyebrows will surely relate to these situations, 2nd and 6th are oh so painfully true!

Nowadays, thick eyebrows are hugely in trend. Celebrities like Lilly Collins and Cara Delevigne also inspired the wave of thick eyebrows. Thick eyebrows make the face more appealing as it looks more defined and refined! But, if you are not able to maintain their shape, then the bushy brows can even mar your appearance.Take a look at the ups and downs of having thick eyebrows, which can be totally understood by anyone who have such eyebrows.

1 There is no need to use extra cosmetic products to have defined eyebrows

If your eyebrows are naturally thick, then there is no need to fill them up with extra cosmetic products to define their shape. You can simply highlight your brows using the pencil when going for any event or party, but most of the times you will actually find that you love sporting your natural look.

There is no need of fakery if you have thick brows

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