These 4 women got their eyebrows transformed astonishingly

Eyebrows are considered one of the best features on a woman. They make their eyes more likable and mysterious.

Also neatly shaped eyebrows also give some substance and shape to the face. Since Cara Delvigne started the bushy eyebrow trend, every woman on Earth is trying to have that same look.

Women with thin or heavy bushy eyebrows are trying different cosmetic treatments in order to get thick bushy but shaped eyebrows. And these 4 women from Buzzfeed tried the new technique of eye brow extension and results were astonishing for them. Lets read how they got their eyebrows transformed.

1 Before the eyebrow extensions

The four women Jenny, Kristin, Tracy and Sarah were fed up with their ill formed and shapeless eyebrows. Some had too big and bushy eyebrows, while some had very thin eyebrows.

The common thing among them was that they each wanted to try out the new eyebrow extension technique to get rid of their shortcomings.

Before the eyebrow extensions

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