15 Women Who Should Definitely Get A Refund For Their Online Purchase

11Warning: Style, material, and quality may vary

These two aren’t even the same. Yes, the design is the same but you can clearly tell that the style and material are different. Many small companies use pictures of real products that they try to make from low-quality materials. This is why you need to be very careful when you order online.

Image Source: incrivel.club

12This is just hilariously bad

There are products that you see online and buy and what you get is bad. The quality is bad but the seller tried to sell you something that was close to what you saw. And then there is this. This is just beyond bad and something that should not be even sold.

Image Source: vsyako.net

13When they don’t even try

The most saddening thing to see is someone buy something online that they really loved only to receive something that does not look like something they would want to own. This is so saddening as you can tell there was absolutely no effort put into this dress by the seller and shipped out what looked 10% like the picture.

Image Source: incrivel.club

14A part is missing

There is something clearly missing from this dress. Not only does it look nothing like the image it’s marketed by but it looks like the complete mid-portion is missing from the dress. This looks like something made for a child but the woman who ordered it and the woman in the picture are not children.

Image Source: webnoviny.sk

15The closest you’ll get

This has to be the closest someone got to getting exactly what they ordered. The materials are not the same but at least the design and style are somewhat similar. This is one of the cons of shopping online. What you see is not always what you get. It is best advised to shop online only on reputable sites where there is a cash on delivery option and full refunds.

Image Source: mocool.eu

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