10 Effective home remedies to treat shaking hand and legs

10 Effective home remedies to treat shaking hands and legs


Tremors are common among many people across the world. Usually people above the age of 40 are often subjected to this condition, but off late there have been many instances when young adults and children have also been found to be suffering from the problem of shaking hands and legs. Trembling of hands and legs makes a lot of tasks difficult and the condition makes life difficult in many ways. Although researches have failed to bring to light the exact reasons that trigger tremors in a person’s body but it is believed that it is the abnormal communication between certain areas of the brain that causes tremors. In most cases, other health conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease, thyroid, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, old age, etc are also known to cause trembling of hands and legs. Tremors can occur in any body part but more than 90% cases are found to occur in limbs. In case you also happen to be suffering from tremors and your case is not malignant then you can try out these 10 effective home remedies along with your regular medicines prescribed by the physician. Remember, doctor’s consultation is always a must.

1 Herbal teas

In most cases, tremors occur as a result of anxiety. If this is the case with you then you can try consuming herbal teas like those of chamomile, lavandula, wild thyme, etc on a regular basis. These help to bring down stress levels and can ultimately help in curing tremors.

Herbal teas

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2 Herbal oils

Regular massage of hands and legs with herbal oils such as tea tree oil, chamomile and lavender can be a great remedy for tremors and they are also rich in anti inflammatory properties.

Herbal oils

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3 Valerian

Valerian is a herb that acts effectually in calming nerves of the body and aids in peaceful sleep and relaxation. You can grind the root of valerian and combine it with a few ounces of water. Let it stand for 5 minutes and consume it regularly.


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4 Opt for a healthy daily diet

Trembling of hands and legs is a neurological condition and such conditions can be treated with B vitamins. Opt for a diet rich in B vitamins and foods rich in B complex as they help in soothing the nerves to a great extent. Some of the best options are green leafy vegetables, beans, egg yolks and whole grains. Great sources of B12 are cheese, crustaceans, red meat, liver and shell fish. Also foods loaded with minerals are excellent elements to cure tremors.

Magnesium rich foods such as seeds, nuts, dark chocolate, fish, yogurt and avocados must be included in your diet.

Vitamin b foods

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5 Stay away from coffee and other caffeinated beverages

With caffeine being a nerve stimulator, it is best to avoid all sorts of caffeinated beverages as far as possible as they will only amplify the symptoms of tremors. So tea, coffee, soda and other energy drinks are to be refrained from.

Stay away from coffee

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6 Quit smoking

Smoking is something that always brings with it, loads of health hazards. Nicotine present in cigarettes is yet another stimulant that can worsen the condition of shaking hands and legs. So patients suffering from tremors should quit smoking at the earliest.

Quit smoking

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7 Avoid consuming certain OTC drugs

Certain drugs available over the counters can actually worsen the symptoms of tremors, especially those that are formulated for weight reduction, depression, allergies, common cold and asthma. So avoid the consumption of these drugs except under medical supervision.

Avoid consuming certain OTC drugs

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8 Practice yoga

Yoga has always been the best way to deal with stress and a whole lot of health issues. Above all, it is a very powerful and effective way to remain fit and healthy. Regular yoga, meditation and deep breathing are sure shot ways to bring down stress levels and eradicate the symptoms of tremors.

Practice yoga

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9 Avoid refined sugars

Refined sugars can increase blood sugar and cause insulin imbalances resulting in tremors. So it is advisable to stay away from ice creams, cakes and desserts made from refined sugars.

Avoid refined sugars

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10 Eliminate alcohol

Alcohol can affect the nervous system; so avoidance of it must be a priority if you are a patient suffering from tremors. In case you are addicted to alcohol, then seeking professional help to get rid of the addiction is imperative.

These home remedies are really beneficial in curing the shaking hands and legs. Apart from that these are free from side effects as may be seen in other treatments.

Eliminate alcohol

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