10 Incompatible Food Combinations That You Should Avoid

10 Incompatible food combinations that you should avoid


Indigestion is a very common problem that one in every three Americans suffer from today. There are several factors responsible for digestive problems. Unhealthy lifestyle, unhealthy dietary plan, eating preserved food items, and even poor combinations of food may cause different types of digestive problems. A good food combination is important not only for meeting the daily nutritional requirement of the body but for eliminating the chances of having digestive issues. Some immediate consequences of poor food combinations include heartburn, gas, fatigue, stomach pain, nausea, uneasiness, and acid reflux.

While short-term effects can be cured within a day or two, long-term effects can lead to problems like bad breath, chronic inflammation, rashes, chronic digestion issues, poor sleep, lower energy, and dry skin.

Here are 10 incompatible food combinations that cause digestive problems.

1 Protein and starches

Hamburger sandwiches, meatballs, and spaghetti are some popular food present in many American menus. These food items are antagonistic. According to the champion of the original Natural Hygiene ideas, Dr. Herbert Shelton, when these food items are mixed together, acidic food like starch and protein and alkaline food cause digestive difficulty which leads to different digestive problems.

Protein and starches

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2 Protein and sugar

In a study conducted by Mayo clinic, it has been found that sugar restrains the release of hydrochloric acid in the stomach and also combines with the stomach acid. This restricts the ability of the stomach to digest protein and leads to the production of more gastric juice that the sugar then combines with.

Protein and sugar

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3 Fruits and starchy vegetables

Fruits are mechanically digested in the stomach and chemically digested in the small intestine. Vegetables usually start breaking down in the mouth and take longer to digest than fruits. The fruits are already fermented by the time the stomach releases the food, thus providing less nutrients.

Fruits and starchy vegetables

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4 Liquids and eating meals

Water goes down the stomach within 10 minutes and dilutes the digestive enzymes that the body requires to digest fats, carbohydrates, and proteins.

Liquids and eating meals

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5 Multiple proteins together

Proteins require different courses of action to digest. For instance, eggs and milk take a longer time to digest, whereas there is a sudden enzymatic response within the first hour after eating meat.

 Multiple proteins together

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6 Orange juice with cereal

Orange is an acidic fruit. The acid in these fruits breaks down the enzymes that are responsible for digesting starches.

Orange juice with cereal

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7 Melons with any other food

When you eat melon alone, it quickly passes through the stomach and gets digested in the small intestine, but when eaten together with other food, it takes longer time and the soft fruit is fermented.

Melons with any other food

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8 Tomato spaghetti sauce

Tomatoes contain acids that destroy the enzymes which are responsible for breaking down starches.

Tomato spaghetti sauce

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9 Starch and sugar

Sugar restricts the secretion of alkaline enzymes responsible for the digestion of starches. Starch digestion starts in the mouth and remains undigested without sufficient amount of alkaline enzymes. This leads to different types of digestive problems.

Starch and sugar

Image Source: www.webmd.com

10 Pure fats and high starches

Starches require alkaline enzymes to digest, and digestion usually occurs in the small intestine. Fats require bile salts from the gall bladder and liver to digest. This salt releases a fatty acid that neutralizes the secretion of alkaline enzymes in the small intestine. The undigested starches are then fermented which cause different digestive problems like gas.

 Pure fats and high starches

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