5 Reasons that accelerate aging

Aging has been a contentious issue throughout the generations in any society. Men and women alike feel this to be an important subject concerning their physical appearance. But it does not just affect a person’s physical beauty; the long term effects of premature aging can be a deterrent to a healthy life for any human being. Few years back, aging would not have been such a big issue. Try and ask your grandmother. But now with so much involvement of synthetic substances in our daily life, aging and other such related issues have become a big cause of concern.
As mentioned before, the external environment plays a big role in causing premature aging. Air pollution, contaminated water or even fast food has become omnipresent in our daily lives. These external factors can be reduced by decreasing the consumption of and exposure to such products. But what if you were told that many of your daily habits also add to accelerated aging! Yes, daily habits which might seem harmless to you can have a profound effect on your physical appearance. The good news is by identifying these habits, you can minimise the effects and maximise your beauty.

Go through the following habits carefully so you can do an analysis for yourself and reduce the effect of such practices on your appearance. The factors which are responsible for aging are:

1 Too much Stress

Stress is ubiquitous for everyone in today’s society. Every person, be it a student, a working professional or a simple homemaker has certain stress triggers that they have to face every single day. Stress can cause big problems for every individual. Multi-tasking through your day, you might not even be up for a good sleep at night. A study conducted in St. Joseph Hospital in Orange, California proves that too much stress releases negative molecules and emotions throughout the body. These releases have a profound impact on skin rejuvenation. Unless and until the dead cells on the skin are replenished, your face will not look rejuvenated. Stress hampers this natural process. In order to overcome this negative emotion, try out yoga or meditation. They calm you and give you the needed break from work. Pursue your hobby to de-stress during the day. Also, keep a pet! They are a true bundle of joy and will tolerate negativity around you.

Too much Stress

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