7 commonly believed Health myths we just can’t forget

These 7 health myths are the most commonly accepted ones, but they don’t really hold a strong scientific evidence to support them

We are surrounded by so many health-related myths that sometimes it becomes difficult to know what’s authentic and what’s not. What makes the situation worse is that we believe many of them for a long time and never even question about their scientific validity. It’s not possible to cover all those myths here, but we have picked the top 7 and most commonly believed myths.

1. You become fat by eating fatty foods

The statement sounds quite convincing and it’s natural that fatty foods make you fat, but actually this isn’t quite true. Just because you eat fatty foods doesn’t mean it’ll stay there forever. The reality is that you become fat if you consume more calories than you can burn. In fact, fats are a necessary part of a balanced and healthy diet. The real issue is the excess intake of fats and lack of physical activity i.e. calories intake is much greater than calories burnt.

Fatty foods

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2. Carbs also make you fat

It’s either fats or carbs that people blame all the time for being responsible for obesity and overweight. Once again it’s about healthy balance in diet and a balanced amount of carbs should not be a problem for anyone. Carbs can do their harm only if you eat a poor diet or don’t exercise regularly. Completely eliminating carbs from the diet is not recommended and a healthy balance should be maintained between different diets.

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