7 Failsafe ways to lose baby weight! A must-read for all the new moms!!

Bearing a baby is no easy task as it requires strength and patience and when the baby finally enters the world, it sure is repose. But even as the baby grows inside you, your body starts accumulating fat to keep the baby safe and you grow in size. We do understand that after the delivery all you can think about is getting back into your old clothes and cutting on those extra pounds. But here is the deal! You have just given birth to a baby…take it easy and take your efforts to lose weight slowly albeit regularly and you will be able to get rid of all that extra weight in sometime!

If you don’t know where to begin just remember to adjust to the new schedule while you take care of the baby and eat healthy till you can be up and running on your way to shed some calories. Till then do the following things so that you can keep healthy and lose that unwanted baby weight gradually and in a healthy manner.

1 Get Moving

The key is to start small. With the new baby in the house you are going to be focusing on a lot of things at once. The sleepless nights and caring constantly for the baby is going to take its toll on you and can leave you with very little energy and time for gym or hard-core workout. Besides this, your body after delivery needs time to regain its strength and it is advisable to start with brisk walking for 15-20 minutes as in the initial months it is not so much about burning calories as it is about keeping obesity at bay.

Get Moving

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