8 Weird and strangest medical conditions that are so rare you won’t believe they exist!

There is hardly anyone who is completely hale and hearty today. Everyone has some or the other medical condition, be it something as common as thyroid or something as dangerous as cancer. We all have heard of diseases like Alzheimer’s, sea food allergy, diabetes and the likes, but have you heard of something called a “walking corpse syndrome” or a “stone man syndrome”? Well, if this puzzled you, the following weird and rarest medical conditions will leave you shaken.

1 Alien Hand Syndrome

This is caused by a surgical severing of the corpus callosum or can also be a side effect of a severe brain injury. In this condition, one hand acts weirdly and moves or grabs objects on its own, without the person’s intentions to do so. In short, it is the inability to control the actions of your hand.

Alien Hand Syndrome

Image Source: www.huffpost.com

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