A new study has just revealed eating healthy fats lowers the risk of Diabetes. Act Now!!

Health is wealth but how many even bother to regard such a phrase. Yet for those who are diabetic, you would do well to heed the latest tips on health that says eating healthy fats are good for you!! Yes fats and contrary to what you might be thinking; there are good fats and bad fats. To reduce your risk of diabetes you need to make a few changes in your diet. Quit gorging on meat and loads of cheese. Instead, replace them with healthy oils and nuts. You’ll be surprised at the changes in your health especially your blood sugar levels.

1 1.4 Million Americans Are Diagnosed With Diabetes Every Year

According to anew study,even those with prediabetes stand at a risk of developing blood sugar levels above normal. Even though this isn’t enough to be classified as type 2 diabetes, you still need to take steps to reduce the risk of acquiring the disease. In 2012, 86 million people male and female above 20 were diagnosed with prediabetes in the USA alone. The figures were released by the American Diabetes Association. That’s not all; 29.1 million Americans were diagnosed with Diabetes among which the majority was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

1.4 Million Americans Are Diagnosed With Diabetes Every Year

Image Source: www.stabilitypact.org

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