A research study says that Neurostatin drug can prevent the Onset of Alzheimer’s Disease!

Alzheimer’s is a serious medical condition in which the mental health of a patient deteriorates to such a point where they forget about people around them and start behaving in a weird manner. Thankfully, researchers from all over the world are working on drug strains that could likely help in reducing the incidence of Alzheimer’s over a period.

Scientists who believe in medication have found out if a statin drug is taken at the onset of Alzheimer’s, it can result in prevention of this disease. They also believe that this drug might be taken by people who are in their 30’s and early 40’s.

Although clinical trials on the drug are still to begin, preliminary laboratory tests have shown bexarotene can stop the building up of a key protein that might be linked with development of Alzheimer’s. Trials of this drug have already been held on Nematodes.

1 Switching over not difficult

Bexarotene has been approved for cancer treatment so the switch over is not much difficult and the extensive safety testing is therefore not needed for this drug. The onset of Alzheimer’s through use of this drug has been tested in nematode worms which were developed in such a manner so that they had accumulation of amyloid beta protein in the proportion similar to people suffering from the same disease.

Switching over not difficult

Image Source: www.bt.com

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